Monday, April 4, 2016

From Thread and Wire
The lovely people from Schiffer Publishing have sent me another book to review. This one is an absolute stunner. Written by Helga Becker and and photographed by Richard Becker, it includes sixty projects for making jewellery using both knitting and crochet. It's beautifully photographed so I've been enjoying working my way through the book. 

I've used the publisher photos to show you the clearest  possible shots. The high quality paper stock has a sheen which made my shots questionable and I don't want to do this beautiful book any disservice. 

The book has four chapters. One covers tools, materials and techniques. The second focuses on pieces made from thread, string and various types of yarn. Chapter 3 uses lacquered copper wire. The final chapter covers working with silver wire of various gauges. The projects are all rated for difficulty.  

The crochet techniques are very basic and much of the knitting is done on an eight stitch french knitter. The book calls this a knitting loom. I found some with a google search.

When I went to Amazon to get a link for this review I discovered it's currently out of stock.  

I own one of these and there are several projects in the book which I could use it for.

Of course you can always knit I-cord by hand or with a manual French Knitter.

Most knitters and crocheters have bits of yarn in their stash with which they could play with to make something like the necklace above.

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