Monday, March 14, 2016

Tools for Removing Lint and Pills and Cat Hair

I live in a relatively small space with three cats, a lot of yarn, and many items of black clothing. There's a husband here too, but fortunately he doesn't shed, much. The search for tools to keep fibre items looking their best seems to never end. 

I've used many of these:

They can be annoying as the sticky sheets don't always tear off easily and one of my cats will eat anything with adhesive on it so I have to dispose of the used sheets carefully.

I've got one of this kind:

They work best when you pull the fabric out firmly so a third hand would be helpful. This tool is mainly for pill removal.  

I'm really liking this one, it's great on coats, it incorporates the above tool in three different sizes. The head easily picks up the bits the comb section has loosened and this tool seems to work really well for removing cat hair.

I like this one but it fills up quickly and when you clean it with water it's too wet to continue using. It's not great with cat hair either:

Schticky 8781 Reusable and Washable Lint Roller Set, 2-Piece

I know a lot of people like these gizmos, they are especially for the removal of pills:



There are a lot of variations on this model here

I've also used small sharp scissors and I've read some people use disposable razors.

Whatever you decide to use, proceed cautiously and test your tool on a hidden area of your garment if possible.

What do you use?


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