Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An Amazing Online Sanquhar Exhibit

There's an amazing online Sanquhar exhibit here. It's presented by The Center for Knit and Crochet and it's their inaugural online exhibition.

“Sanquhar Gloves: A Living Scottish Tradition”

Curated by Dr. Angharad Thomas and Beth Brown-Reinsel.  

From the exhibit: "Sanquhar gloves are a distinctive fashion accessory from the small Scottish town of the same name. Sanquhar, Scotland is located about 60 miles southwest of Edinburgh and 50 miles southeast of Glasgow. The gloves historically associated with this community are hand knitted in fine wool yarns in two colours that emphasize the delicacy and precision of the small all-over patterns preferred by the knitters of Sanquhar."

This is a fabulous exhibit, the one criticism I do have is technical. The photos and information provided are amazing. I did find moving through the exhibit very slow. In some spots the next page icon is accessible only by moving the screen up above the photo. Information is hidden and accessed with a slider. 

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