Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ravelry's Top Five Knitting Patterns by Project Numbers 2016 Update

Again, not much has changed in the top five list since I wrote about it last year. It was originally written as a follow up to another blogger's post from Dec. 2012. The list is sorted according to projects. You can see the complete list on Ravelry by going to the pattern search page and choosing most projects in the sort box that appears at the top, in the middle of the page.

2012 number 3, 2014 number 2, 2015 number 1, 2016 number 1

2012 number 1, 2014 number 1, 2015 number 2, 2016 number 2

This is the only new one in the top five,

2012 number 2, 2014 number 3, 2015 number 3, 2016 number 4
2015 number 5, 2016 number 5

Last year I wrote: "The surprising thing to me is with 334,859 possibilities in Ravelry the list continues to be so static. The list changes when I choose a different search parameter however I have no historical data for comparison."

The day I wrote this post (Dec 28) we now have 577,508 possibilities. 

The 2015 post is here.

The 2014 post is here


  1. I am always interested in the most popular paid for rather than free. Except for Baby Surprise, those patterns are free ones, I think.

  2. Hitchhiker is not free, sadly. I guess that they are popular because are easy, free and fun to knit.