Monday, January 18, 2016

More Time with Friends

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I think the best thing about Christmas (similar to birthdays) is that it becomes a traditional pre-planned period of getting together with friends we haven't seen in a while. It helps to keep those friendships alive and we get to realize how very important they are to us even when we can't fit them in as often as we would like to in our busy lives.

At one of these events I found out a sewing friend has taken up knitting! Yeah! Knitters will rule the world someday!

This means I get to have the fun of sharing knitting with someone who has a fresh approach. That's a great thing for a knitting teacher as it helps me see things from a different perspective and I can fill in the holes which turn up when teaching a technique to someone who may not share my knitting vocabulary. Ms. C has been reading my blog and is already noticing that Ravelry is both a fantastic resource and an awful time suck if you don't stay focused while you are there.   

We had a conversation which seemed very familiar. As a sewer (we met in a Tailoring class) she shares a similar approach to garment making with me. Ms. C had read

Sound Bites that Make me Crazy. But it's too hard to... 
but then she said to me "it seems like patterns are written to make things easy for the knitter, not for the best possible garment." 

Where have I heard that before? 

It's here on Sally Melville's blog post from 2012.

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