Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Knitism, it's a Real Thing

A non-knitting friend recently slipped into a little unintentional (I hope) knitism. She went down the path of how she'd never been "crafty" when referring to my knitting. The connotation of the word craft has become so negative that schools and museums have gone so far as to remove it from their names. She works in a design related career and should be aware of this negative aspect of the word.

The assumption is always; knitting is only for old ladies, knitting is boring, you're knitting... you must be pregnant, that knitting creates poor quality, ugly garments which your grandmother will give you for Christmas, you are wasting your time, you have nothing better to do... and on and on it goes.

I guess I'm suffering from discrimiKNITory behaviour. Yes, I stole that from someone else and I'd love to credit them but I can't remember who it was. I googled it and did find this blog. 

Do you suffer from knitism?

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