Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Sew Sleeves in Knitting

I'm sewing a sweater together today. I'm working on the sleeves and I thought I'd share the tools I use to make it a little easier. For a full post on sewing in the sleeve go here

That's a tailors ham and a home made sleeve roll. You can buy tailor's hams at sewing supply locations. I made the sleeve roll by wrapping a towel around two paper towel rolls that I taped together.

I apologize a couple of the shots are fuzzy and it's too dark right now for me to take more. 

Here I am sewing up the sleeve with the roll in place. Notice I've pinned it at the top to keep the edges in alignment. 

Here's the sleeve cap also pinned.  I've already joined it at the underarm and at the shoulder.

You can see here from the extra fullness where I need to ease the sleeve cap into place. I do that using mattress stitch on the longer side. I pick up two bars and on the shorter edge I only pick up one bar instead of two every third stitch or so. If you don't want to buy a tailor's ham you cab substitute a very small pillow.

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