Monday, September 1, 2014

The Dolly Bantry Shawl - New Pattern Release

I don't often knit the same design more than once but I really got into this one because of the options the design allows for. There is something so fun about putting several yarns together and waiting to see how each one adds to the total effect. I finished a fourth version while we were doing the photography on these three and seriously considered starting another version before I got myself under control and decided I should move on.  I think it was partially due to the easy construction. The one below is the version not listed in the pattern. I used two yarns (Schulana Kid Seta and Classic Elite Firefly) held together instead of one heavier weight yarn for this version. The other two yarns used were one strand of Firefly and one strand of Rowan Fine lace.

This shawl is worked top down. The ruffle at the bottom edge is formed with a variation on Feather and Fan lace that grows with the addition of extra yarn overs. The simple lace is charted and written in text format.

I've included several recommended combinations of yarn, however the pattern notes are written with enough detail so that a confident knitter could substitute any combination of yarns for equally stunning results. 

The project also makes for a great stash busting knit. Any 3 yarns can be used. Choose 1 of a heavier weight, multi-coloured yarn and 2 yarns of lighter weight in coordinating colours. Use a needle 1-2 sizes larger than the ball band recommendation of the heaviest yarn to create a fabric with drape. The yarn with the least amount of yardage will determine the size of the shawl. Work until approximately 45% of the yarn is used and then start the lower edge of the shawl. Stitches are increased rapidly in the edging to form the ruffle. Once the ruffle is completed it will add 25% more length to the shawl. The length measurements will increase when the shawl is worn due to the nature of the garter stitch construction. The pattern is available here on Ravelry and will be up on Patternfish soon.

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  1. Love it! And love the name, your post caught my eye immediately as I'm a Miss Marple fan!