Monday, September 23, 2013

Knitter's Fair

I went to the KW Knitter's Fair two weekends ago with my friend and part time knitting assistant Mary Pat. It's an annual event. I think it may be the biggest event specifically for knitters in Ontario. There were over 50 vendors attending this year. We arrived just in time for the 1 PM fashion show and followed the show up with wandering the market floor and catching up with all of our knitting friends. 

Ash Kearns, soon to be published capelet

An amazing shawl pin

We saw Ashley modeling her designs in the fashion show.

Even late in the afternoon the market was still busy I had to wait to get this shot of one of the aisles fairly open so you can see the booths. This is my first attempt using my I phone for photos. I'm not very happy with the quality so I'll need to read up on how to improve or go back to carrying my camera.

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