Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Andi Javori's Leah Bracelet

Andi Javori who I interviewed here, has recently published a pattern to raise funds for breast cancer. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer appear on the same genes. Ovarian cancer is prevalent in my family. My sister and I were lucky to get into a hospital study. We had genetic counseling and were tested. We both got the good news that we do not carry the genes. This means our risk drops to that that of the general population which is still one in nine women.  

You can read more about the genes and genetic testing here.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, and occurs in men as well. The way to the prevention, treatment, and cure of this devastating disease is through the funding of research.  

Through the sales of Andi's design, the Leah Twist Hope Bracelet knitting kit, her mission is to help provide research funding and to raise breast cancer awareness, to achieve its prevention and cure in our lifetime.

Andi tells me "Javori Designs will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each Leah Twist Hope Bracelet kit sold, towards breast cancer research. Our goal is to continually help raise research funding, therefore The Leah Twist Hope bracelet kit will be available for purchase throughout the year. We are thankful for the amazingly positive response from the needle arts community, and hope you will join us to help make a difference."

The Leah Twist Bracelet is “knitting with beads” at its easiest. With glistening pink glass beads strung onto luxurious pink yarn, the Leah knits up quickly, to give you a lovely, unique design. It can be easily knit to any length for the perfect fit. Materials included in this kit are pattern, Katia Gatsby yarn, glass beads, toggle clasp, and threader. Includes link to video tutorials. 

The Leah Twist Hope Bracelet kit can be found where fine knitting supplies are sold, or can be purchased directly at If your local knitting shop does not carry this kit, kindly ask them to.

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