Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You do Know You Can Change the Pattern?

Today's chuckle is brought to you courtesy of a knitter who asked that their name be withheld.  Ms. No Name Knitter recently told me in a very serious tone of voice how much she loves this pattern. She loves the cables and the zigzag between them. Then she moaned, unfortunately she couldn't knit it. I was expecting her to say she felt it was too complex  because of the patterning. I was just about to launch into my speech on taking challenges on in small steps when she surprised me! Her problem is the reverse stocking stitch section really bothers her. It's because she thinks of RSS as the wrong side. I paused for a moment before suggesting she could knit that section as stocking stitch instead, leaving 2 stitches as RSS at the outer cable edge. A look of confusion passed over her face, then she started to laugh. "Duh!"

Ms. No Name Knitter would like to remind everyone "you can change the pattern!"

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