Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Anne Meredith Cardigan

This is my most recent pattern. It's available on Ravelry here: It will be up on Patternfish soon.

Lately I've been focused on developing stitch patterns that flow up from the bands with no obvious difference yet still function to control the edges of the knitting. I was able to write variations on the stitch pattern to create bands that look the same as the body of the cardigan. The colour is just so cheerful, don't you think so?

The name Anne Meridith comes from the detective novel Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie. The book features the recurring characters of Hercule Poirot, Colonel Race, Superintendent Battle and the bumbling crime writer Ariadne Oliver, making her first appearance in a Poirot story. Anne Meredith, is described as shy, quiet, very pretty young woman who was one of the murder suspects.

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  1. Very nice, Robin! I've been interested in edgings (or beginning a sweater without them but still having the sweater work) in my designs, too. I think it's mainly because I'm somewhat apple shaped and so don't like the idea of ribbing near my middle :)