Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Year Ago......

I occasionally go back and read my own posts. It's interesting to see what I was thinking and writing about in the past. Sometimes I've learned new things that I want to write about now or my perspective on a topic has changed. 

Last April I wrote this post on the concept of time and how it can be different for knitters. Later I read two fascinating books on the concept of time. The first was The Time Paradox. It is about the psychology of time, how it effects individuals and cultures. The second was 168 Hours, about how to get the most out of the time available to us.

I also wrote about knitters and how they choose a project here. In that post I was looking at challenge vs. practicality. The following month I wrote about how challenge and learning has maintained my interest in knitting more than any other artistic pursuit.

I discussed concepts of good fit here. I teach these concepts in several of my classes on garments, fitting and pattern drafting.

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