Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work or clean?

One of the members of our Pro Knitters group recently quit her job to go full time as a designer. She told the group that she was looking forward to having the time to do more things at home like clean and cook proper meals.

We laughed!

I struggle with the issue of getting things done at home every day. Working from home means that when it is untidy it bothers me much more than it did when I was working full time away from home.  It also means that I create much more of the mess as I'm here all day doing things like preparing my meals. 

The amount of knitting paraphernalia seems to build up around my laptop every day. I usually work at the dinning room table. It's a great spot, especially in the summer, as I get to look out at my balcony garden. We live on the 14th floor of a condo that is on the top of a hill that provides a great view.

However, working at the table means that the mess is in my direct line of sight when I move to the couch to knit. It's always calling me back because there is always more work that I could and feel I should be doing right now. Ravelry calls, my blog needs daily work, and the emails need to be answered, I could go on and on! But I have to go now the dryer just finished it's cycle, the bed needs to be made and I haven't showered yet today even though I'm writing this post at 10:40 and I've been up since 5:35.

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  1. Ha! Sounds like my misguided fantasy when I left the work-for-pay-force 17 years ago to start and so-called-stay-home with my family :)
    Come August and the start of the school year, I plan to launch myself as a tech editor, and I know I'll have to be focused and accountable and unavailable to distractions and non-essential conflicts. To that end, I've come up with a schedule which designates time for household responsiblities and time for work, and I've already mapped it out on the calendar in black and white to make it official. So beginning in August, for example, I won't be cruising bloglines and commenting here when I'm supposed to be paying bills!
    P.S. I'd be lost without FlyLady!