Monday, July 30, 2012

It's up on Patternfish! The Plus Size Project is Done

In the past year Deb and Lyn Gemmell and I spent quite a bit of time together working on this project. It's great to finally see a finished result. You can find it here at Patternfish. There are more photos there for you to look at. 

Deb and I did a massive amount of research on plus size fitting issues before we wrote the basic pattern that the whole collection is built on. You will find lots of detail included on how to go about modifying each garment to customize it to your specific figure.

After consulting and measuring Plus sized women, the following are some of adjustments included to make the sweaters look great and fit beautifully:

• the front is 3-4"/7.5 - 10cm wider than the back,
• there is an option for adjusting the sleeve circumference to make it narrower or wider,
• many, many “Custom Fit” options to shape the body are also included.

The book begins with a Basic Cardigan. For additional detail, add creative borders or add a lace skirt to the basic cardigan for The Lace Frock.
For more knitting challenge and added excitement, patterned panels can be worked along with the top down yoke on the front and back on The Panel Cardigan.

The print version will be available soon. 

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  1. this is really exciting! my LYS carries several of the "Need A [fill in the project]" titles and they always do well. I'm sure our customers will love this title as well :)