Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knitting Tips - The Aesthetics

I've read a lot on colour theory as I find it all fascinating. I've noticed that for many of us our preferences change over the years and I've come to believe that we actually see colour differently as we age.  A friend who had cataract surgery on one eye tells me that if she looks at a white wall with the eye that had surgery she sees it as bluish and with the other eye it has a yellow tinge. 

I used to think that women like more bling as they age due to personality changes but now I suspect it's also because we have less natural shine as we age. We may be simply adding back the shine that disappears as our skin gets dryer and our natural hair and skin colour fades.

The other difference I notice is that the colour palettes we choose become more, for lack of a better word, complex.

If I told you the colour scheme in my living room is red and green you would probably imagine a Christmas style colour palette. In reality it is a combination of burgundy and an odd green that is somewhere between celery and sage. The walls are painted in a soft shade that is a pinkish, salmon, beige blend also very difficult to describe, the paint chip calls it dawn. 

To have successful knitting projects it is important to understand not only your own colour preferences but those of the intended wearer as well. Keep this in mind when you are choosing yarn. The colours we are drawn to look at and admire are not always the same that we are most comfortable wearing. While this may seem remarkably obvious to many of my readers I can't tell you how often a knitter tells me about an unsuccessful project that is labeled that way purely due to the colour choice.

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  1. I agonize over color, especially now that I've been knitting pattern samples. I love certain colors, but I worry about whether or not The Knitter will too :)