Monday, June 25, 2012

Knit Power and the Ravelympics

Knit Power: I recommend that we make our Knit Power logo a fist pump with knitting needles held high. 

Just in case you missed this, Ravelry and the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) have been having some "discussions" about the Ravelympics.

You can see the letter that started the fuss here.

The Yarn Harlot wrote a very detailed and well thought out post here. It you haven't already read it I highly recommend that you do. It explains both the legal issues and gives her perspective on the emotional response that came from the knitting community.

What I found most interesting however, was the apology here. Has anyone ever apologized for making fun of knitters before? If they have, I missed it. Knitters have become a powerful force in the world. I can imagine the conversation that took place at the USOC marketing office when they read what poor Brett Hirsch put in his letter to Ravelry. I bet they looked at the membership numbers on Ravelry and the volume of related tweets. Then they took a collective gasp and thought holy **** we better fix this fast!

To misquote Helen Reddy "I am woman knitter, hear me roar. In numbers too big to ignore"

I sincerely hope that  Brett Hirsch does not know any knitters. If he does he may be in danger.


  1. Thanks for putting everything in one place. I love Ravelry and I will still watch the Olympics as much as I ever did.

  2. Haha what I think is awesome is that they apologized TWICE in 24 hours.