Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Which Knitter are You?

There is nothing more frustrating to a knitter than running into a problem when knitting from a pattern. It breaks the zen experience that so many of us search for in our knitting time. Having helped many knitters, one thing I've noticed is that some of them assume that they are at fault and others assume that the pattern is at fault. Which one are you? Be honest! 

Now that you figured out which group you belong to, remember this and the next time you are frustrated with a pattern, I want you to flip to the other group while assessing what is going wrong. Just make the opposite assumption and see where that leads you. I can't tell you how often I have discovered that one of these assumptions is what is standing in the way of a knitter resolving the problem. Once you commit to a paradigm it can block your thinking by closing doors to alternative pathways of thought and therefore solutions. Challenge your assumptions and see where that takes you!

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