Monday, December 19, 2011

Design-a-long - The Measurements

I've given you a drawing to help while doing your measurements.  Not all measurements will be applicable to the garment you are making. There are a few that you will need to get some one else to assist you with. The numbers on the drawing correspond to those in the list. The wrinkle is that you will take the measurement both on your body and on the garment that either fits you already or has been pinned to fit you. You should make a chart in your note book with four columns; one for the name of the area being measured, one for your body measurements, one for the garments measurements and one for the ease difference between the two. If you aren't doing the DAL but would like to understand ease more fully, try doing this exercise with a variety of garments in your closet. Choose things in various weights from a thin machine knit to a heavy coat and see how different the garment measurements are even when they all fit in an appropriate way. The list also includes some measurements that are broken into front and back separately, this is done to refine the fit. Current patterns typically make the front and back the same and count on the knitting to stretch to accommodate the differences. Since you are customizing it makes sense to at least consider these differences. My next DAL post will give additional details on how to take measurements.
  1. 1 Shoulder width front                                                                         
  2. 2 Shoulder width back                                                                         
  3. 3 Shoulder length                                                                                 
  4. 4 Chest                                                                                                 
  5. 5 Bust                                                                                                  
  6. 6 Front side to side                                                                              
  7. 7 Back side to side                                                                               
  8. 8 Armhole depth                                                                                  
  9. 9 Raglan depth                                                                                     
  10. 10 Waist                                                                                                
  11. 11 Hips                                                                                                  
  12. 12 Width at hemline                                                                               
  13. 13 Neck width                                                                                        
  14. 14 Front neck depth                                                                               
  15. 15 Back neck depth                                                                               
  16. 16 Torso length (back)                                                                           
  17. 17 Torso length (front)                                                                          
  18. 18 Hem to armhole length                                                                      
  19. 19 Hem to waist length                                                                          
  20. 20 Sleeve length                                                                                     
  21. 21 Wrist to wrist length                                                                         
  22. 22 Upper arm width                                                                              
  23. 23 Wrist/ hand width                                                                             

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