Friday, July 1, 2011

A Field Guide to Knitters Part 4

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Fashion Knitters (Effingo knitcreo)

Fashion Knitters typically focus on knitting accessories and garments. They prefer their projects to be mainstream but slightly unique with an "edge". They have little interest in home decor projects or knitting for children or babies. Colour choice is carefully considered as they must have something in their closet that the knitting will worn with. Their closets and drawers are often over stuffed with clothing and accessories. They are likely to employ specific closet strategies, either grouping by colour or garment type to assist them in finding specific items in their vast wardrobes. Those who live in large urban areas wear a lot of black. They frequently wear matching accessories. The fit and flattery of every project is assessed and modified as necessary for the individual.Their knitting magazine numbers rival only their stash of fashion magazines

Habitat and range
Fashion Knitters are likely to be found watching "What not to Wear". They shop everywhere assessing high end and low end sources for upcoming trends.They love going to movies that are costume dramas as they know next seasons runway fashions will be impacted if the movie is a hit.

This Knitter often answers to the name "Fashionista". They always understand phrases like "zebra is the new leopard." Fashion magazines provide updates about the latest trends that are discussed in groups of fashion Knitters.

Social Knitters (Amicabiliter knitcreo)

Some variates of this Knitter only knit at social gatherings. They will pull out the same pair of socks at every grouping because they don't knit at any other time. The other more common variety is an obsessive Knitter who has a different project at every occasion. They are usually working on multiple projects, as not all are suitable to carry away from home. Socks are a common carry around project due to their small size. They are frequently seen carrying double pointed knitting needles tubes.

Habitat and range
These Knitters are often observed at coffee shops, yarn stores and guild meetings. In Toronto they have an annual subway Knit-a-long event. You can learn more here.

Social Knitters have vocalizations common to all Knitters; what are you making, where did you get the yarn, what's the fibre? Most can list off all of the items on the Knit Picks travel and storage section by heart. The merits of the various knitting bags are often debated and most of these Knitters own many types.

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  1. I would say ROFL, but the floor is too messy for that, so LOL. Thanks for the cheer!

  2. Your Field Guide to Knitters is very fun reading! I was so glad when Part Four finally included a category that resonated with me.

    I now know that I am a fashion knitter and this explains why, when sitting at guild meetings around social knitters, lace knitters, or charity knitters, I so often felt out of place and why I would rather knit alone while watching Project Runway. Thanks for the insight!