Friday, July 8, 2011

Being an Entrepreneur Means Working Any 16 hours a Day You Want!

I read the title of today's post a while ago and laughed at the time, unfortunately I don't recall the original source but I can attest that it is true. 

A little while ago at our Pro-Knitters meeting we talked about the fact that we frequently get questions from others about how much work do we really do? One member told us her friend was shocked to hear how many hours she puts into her business. I personally work more hours a day than I ever did when I was working for someone else...and yes some of that is knitting time. Unfortunately there is no way to do this without spending many hours knitting and swatching. Some of my knitting is done right in front of my computer while I write or chart step by step what I'm doing. Some is done in front of the TV, so that knitting is often worked on in the evening and on weekends when my husband is home. 

So the question is why do we do this? 

I realized some time ago that I'm most content when I work a lot. On the days that I goof off and put in fewer hours, I find myself feeling vaguely dissatisfied at the end of the day. I've discovered that this work is essential to my happiness and it allows me a level of creative expression that I could never get any where else.  I haven't written much about the search for fulfillment part of my blogs title page, however it is clear to me that that's exactly what I'm getting from the work I'm doing.

In essence - this means that my 16 hours a day schedule will continue.

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  1. i used to work for a non profit that assisted women entrepreneurs. Sometimes women would call and say that they wanted to start their own business so they could work part time. Our joke was yeah, 4o hours then part time evenings, part time Saturday, part time Sunday.