Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Evelyn Howard Scarf, The Big Conclusion where our Heroine Triumphs over Adversity

The final point is charted. I ended up rechecking and making slight improvements several times, as each time I knit a sample I found another way to improve the corner of the scarf making it more symmetrical with the first corner. I think I spent more time knitting, re-knitting and charting the last 6 rows than I did on almost the whole rest of the scarf.

It also turned out that moving the sawtooth edge alignment with the middle point of the scarf improves the way the edge looks after blocking. 

I've been wearing both of the scarves with their matching gloves that the yarns were chosen for throughout the holidays. I'm finding this size to be very versatile. They look great tucked into the front of my winter coat with the point down and very pretty with the point at the back on top of jackets and cardigans inside without being as warm as my larger shawls can be.

When we did the photo shoot we included both scarves so I've given the details of both yarns in the final pattern. The pattern is edited and will be up on Patternfish soon. I'll come back to this post and add a link once it's there.  

ETA the pattern is here.

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