Monday, January 3, 2011

Business Courses - Social Media

I took another library business course a while ago. This one was given by one of the librarians instead of a paid professional and unfortunately it showed in the presentation. Our instructor clearly had no passion for her topic and no real experience of social media herself. 

However, I'm a big believer in that you can always learn something if you are paying attention. I did get some new information from the class. The first was that some professional Knitters do have profiles on Linkedin. I did find some people I know there so I have created a profile as well.

The second thing was confirmation of how many people out there really aren't hooked into the online world. Those of us who are tend to forget this. Some months ago a student didn't understand me when I referred her to my blog, I had to explain what a blog was. In the class I sat beside a business owner who had no idea how to use a computer.  I didn't get an opportunity to ask what sort of business he owned. The instructor also asked what social media sites people had joined and most of them were not members of any. 

I had already been thinking it's time to consider creating wholesale copies of pattern leaflets as well as PDF downloads but this class convinced me I need to get moving on that project sooner rather than later.

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