Monday, November 22, 2010

The Thrill of Ravelry

I've been fortunate to see a few of the garments knit from my patterns. Generally though I don't get to see them because since I started selling through Patternfish many of them sell across North America and in Europe. The first time I saw those sales on Patternfish I have to say it gave me a little thrill. I've heard other designers comment on how rarely they see photo's of their designs completed on Ravelry and even their best selling patterns sometimes are not represented. I suspect that the knitter who photographs their work and posts comments about the design might be a special subgroup in the demographics of knitters.

Recently a member of Ravelry PM'd me to say how much she liked one of my patterns and gave me a link to her photo's. She has given me permission to use her photo's so I've added some of them to my post. What really thrilled me however were her notes about the pattern. You can see them here.

I loved seeing the pattern done in a different colourway, and Cammie chose to knit a flower to use instead of a shawl pin and then adapted that pattern by using the picot cast off of the shawl. It was also great to read comments that confirmed that I had met my goals with this design, it was simple yet enjoyable to knit, used the yarn in a very effective way and elevated the level of a garter stitch project to be just a little more stylish.  

Cammie thanks so much for sharing!

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