Monday, November 8, 2010

Hummmm........The Longer my List of Things to Do gets the Less I Accomplish!

An inverse or negative relationship is a mathematical relationship in which one variable, say y, decreases as another, say x, increases. For a linear (straight-line) relation, this can be expressed as y = a-bx, where -b is a constant value less than zero and a is a constant. For example, there is an inverse relationship between education and unemployment — that is, as education increases, the rate of unemployment decreases.
Inverse relationships and their counterpart, direct relationships, are widely used in the physical sciences to describe the relationship between two variables in an equation.

The above information and graph comes to you from Wikipedia. I have been able to prove a clear inverse relationship between my Things to Do list and the amount that I accomplish everyday.  

Forty items on the list equals three items completed. Three items equals fifteen items completed. Even more oddly the inverse relationship moves closer to the vertical with the increase of more household cleaning items being added to the list yet it lessens if more knitting related items are added as long as I don't include the completion of whole projects. I will continue the research and report again later on this amazing phenomenon.

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