Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Working!

I haven't gotten any work done since last Thursday when I picked up Cici. She's from an ad for free kittens on Kijiji. I met the young women who lives with Cici's mother at a subway station passenger pickup and took her straight to our vet for a checkup and to confirm her viral status for FIV and FeLV. Since we already have George and Gracie living with us they have to be protected first. Great news came Friday morning Cici is negative for both viruses. She does have ear mites so we had to keep her away from the others until Monday morning. That's enough time for the first treatment to work and start to kill off the mites. She will get a second dose in four weeks.

We kept her in our spare bedroom with my husband and I alternating between rooms and keeping George and Gracie company until Monday morning when I started the introduction process. There was a lot of hissing from George and Gracie. I spent a whole day hovering over Cici ready to jump in if anybody got too aggressive. By Tuesday afternoon things were settling down so I got to do some knitting and hopefully I can get back to my more normal working schedule today. George and Cici have started to play a little but he seems to be very unsure as to what exactly she is. Kittens hop and move around in a way that can be different from cats, add to that her tiny size and her ability to perch on very little things like the top of his triangle scratching post and I can see his confusion. He seems to look at me with an expression of " what the heck is this thing?"

Gracie is taking longer to accept Cici we have had a fair bit of growling along with the hissing but I can see her getting curious. Gracie is most definitely a more timid cat and is clearly afraid. She is usually a sort of goofy cat as she has stubby little legs, she is just a little plump and has a very expressive face with beautiful long whiskers. I can already see that Cici is a very calm little kitten. I turned the vacuum cleaner on in the bedroom and came back to see if see was frightened by the noise and found her leaning around the hallway wall to see what the noise was. Gracie runs away in fear whenever I vacuum. I have every confidence that once everyone gets to know each other that they will be the best of friends.


  1. cute kitten! love the black on her face.

  2. Such a pretty kitten! Best of luck with the introductions! Every cat is different, but I have both heard and experienced that female cats take longer to accept than males. So don't be discouraged if Gracie is standoffish for a while.