Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Knitted Art of Karen Searle

Karen has a book out called Knitted Art, I've copied the following information from her website. I've not yet seen the book, however I'm very familiar with the work of both Debbie New and Kathryn Alexander so I look forward to reading the book.

The photo's in this posting are all of Karen's own amazing work. You can see more here on her own site.

Knitting Art: 150 Innovative Works from 18 Contemporary Artists    
As some knitters craft mittens and sweaters, others find themselves taking flight into the realm of art. Some become true fiber artists, creating exhibition-quality quilts and sweaters and shawls, yarn mobiles and sculptures and gigantic abstract installations. An exploration of art knitting, this book profiles eighteen of the most prominent and intriguing practitioners of this craft-turned-art. Karen Searle, herself a recognized fiber artist, examines the works and inspirations of each of these knit artists. Numerous photographs illustrate each profile, documenting these artists' work and at the same time offering inspiration to those who might transcend the purely practical aspect of knitting. Among the artists encountered here are such nationally known knitters as movement founder Katharine Cobey, Carolyn Halliday, Debbie New, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Lindsay Obermayer, Kathryn Alexander, and others.


  1. I love the sheer dresses. They make me smile and take my breath away at the same time.