Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Garment Designer - The Workshop

I took a class recently with Carolyn Barnett on Garment Designer. I bought this software some time ago and have been teaching myself how to use it. I seem to be doing pretty well but taking a class and hearing the questions of other students always accelerates one's learning curve. Carolyn is a machine knitter so the class was geared to that but it is still totally appropriate to hand Knitters as well. I do own several knitting machines but at the moment I'll totally focused on hand knitting.

I always enjoy being a student especially with a great instructor like Carolyn. The workshop was held in a friends dining room. We really enjoyed the wonderful treats and lunch provided by our hostess Sonja.

We all measured one another so that we were able to develop custom slopers for ourselves. Mine is a little odd in appearance but the advantage of the program is that it always keeps the sleeve cap and armhole in proportion. You can also input different front and back measurements which is something I have been doing with anything I knit for myself. I wrote about that in a blog posting some time ago
here. My other fitting issue is that my upper arm is larger than average. I wasn't happy with the armhole that the software creates for me but Carolyn was able to show me exactly what I need to do to adjust the armhole and still maintain good fit. She has been doing custom fitting for years with her private clients and that knowledge really helped as we all asking our questions about specific fitting issues.

If you are interested in the software you can find more about it

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  1. This software has always looked really interesting. Since I focus on designing accessories, there hasn't been a need for it in my business, however.

    Is it hard to learn?