Monday, August 30, 2010

Knitting Tips - Are Straight needles the Best?

I was reading the Knitting Tips and Techniques section of Carol Rasumussen Noble's book Style at Large when I read her comments on circular needles and how they do not hold an even tension. I generally prefer straight needles myself but I do use circulars depending on the project. When I worked at my LYS it did seem that a higher percentage of Knitters preferred circulars. I've always read that knitting becomes more even the longer it is off the needles and especially after it is worn and washed. I generally chose my needles based on fibre type and with the project requirements in mind. I'm very curious about this have any of you found this to be true? You can see the details of her comments here It is copyrighted material but shows on the pages that Amazon lets the public see so I believe that I am not breaking any rules here. You can see more of Carol's amazing work here on Ravelry .

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