Monday, August 3, 2009

Pattern Seven

This is the pinwheel cardigan. It started as a hat pattern knit in white linen when Karen of Village Yarns asked me to design a summer hat for the store. I ended up with two different styles both started from the center top. I just love that kind of knitting...cast on and go. So next I cast on some Fleece artist angel hair and kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. You can see that version on Ravelry as my avatar.
When I wrote the first version of the pattern as a gauge less design my tech editor worried that I would alienate the pattern dependant so I had a sample knit and we wrote the pattern two ways. One for this great yarn http:/// and the second so that any yarn (from lace weight to chunky) can be used.
Julia over at Patternfish posted it and then suggested a minor name change and we sold a copy faster than I can update and e mail a PDF.

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