Sunday, August 2, 2009

July was Anti-Boredom Month

I spent time during the month of July thinking a lot about the fact that I don't normally get bored. I'm an avid reader and I knit every day. I do get bored at work mainly because I want to move forward with my new career ASAP. I have a very definite timeline and good financial reasons for staying in my job. I have dealt with the boredom in the office in a number of ways. I focus on doing every item in the best and most efficient way that I can. I invent projects for myself that no one has asked me to do yet bring value to the firm and to my role there. I go for a walk at lunch every day to re energize my self. I use dead time at the end of the day to read entrepreneurial and self development blogs. I'm amazed by the blogging community out there and the access they give me to people I would never normally get to meet but who now share their wisdom with me.

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