Friday, March 15, 2019

Bobbles are Back!

Back in 2012 my husband and I did a video on all of my tips for making bobbles. I taught a session on them at my knitting guilds skills exchange evening. Since most of my readers couldn't be there we did a video presentation on my topic: Knitting bobbles without turning the work. The link is at the bottom of this post. The video includes several techniques for increasing and decreasing the stitches of a bobble. There are two methods for creating bobbles without turning the work, as well as a number of extra tips for successful bobbles.

Then bobbles fell out of favour and I stopped teaching them. I know they are back again because I'm suddenly getting Youtube notifications. The video is up to 31,095 views. So I thought it was time to remind you about the video. Of course for me the fun part is seeing how much I've changed, I'm both significantly greyer and slimmer than I was back then.


  1. Robin, I had no idea bobbles are back. I'm currently do a bobble strip to add to a blanket I'm making. However, on the first bobble row I negletd to add the final one. I didn't notice this until I had quite a bit done. I'm planning on going back when it's finished and trying to make another one on it. Any suggestions on how to donthis? Thanks

  2. I might have this solution demonstrated in the video, it's been so long I can't remember if it's there. What you do is knit a small square of the same number of stitches and rows as your bobble. Leave long tails. Use one tail to sew around the edge and pull the square into a circle, use the other to sew the bobble to your project. Bury both ends in the bobble and trim.

  3. Great idea, thanks i'll give it a try