Friday, November 9, 2018

Fitting - A Video Link

I've started another sewing project of a tissue weight knit top. I want to share a video series on fitting a simple knit top because it answers a question which is often attributed by knitters to the wrong cause. Some knitters have a problem with the neckline of sweaters sitting incorrectly and falling backwards. Often this is attributed to back neckline shaping. My sewing and pattern drafting classes always changed the shoulder seam and the centre point of the sleeve to add extra length over the fuller back arm. Most fitting improvements are tiny little adjustments that don't always make sense in the beginning. I was lucky enough to take classes with two teachers who were fantastic fitters, now you can learn a lot of these things online.

The details are in the third video, Balancing Armholes and Shoulder Seams. I recommend that you watch the whole series. Each video is quite short and you may find solutions for other issues. The blog it's hosted on is written by a very popular sewing teacher and pattern maker. Marcy Tilton.

The blog post is here.

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