Friday, September 28, 2018

Life Changes, an Update

Things are shifting here at Robin Hunter Designs. My husband retired six months ago so my daytime schedule has changed significantly. 

In June I got fed up with the ongoing pain in my left wrist so I took a month long break from knitting. The pain completely disappeared during that month. I went back to knitting and it's bothering me again so I'm carefully monitoring how long I knit, doing my stretches and exercises and icing it whenever I feel any discomfort. 

I'm actively working on three new designs. I've finished a cardigan which has to be graded. I've got two shawls on the go right now. One is vortex shaped and the other is a shallow triangle. 

I'm working towards a slower version of my previous life. Having my husband home is creating an environment which makes me want to slow down and stop rushing through life. This summer we spent time enjoying our balcony garden, reading, cooking and we had some fun watching Netflix. At the same time we've been getting more done at home. We finally replaced our front hall closet doors with mirrored sliders and we have new lighting fixtures in the kitchen. We've got a long list of home maintenance items to work our way through. 

I did a fair bit of jewellery making during the time I wasn't knitting and I got interested in sewing again. I've bought fabric for a dress and a jacket. Hubby is cleaning and oiling both my sewing machine and serger so I can get started. I'm trying to stay creative without putting so much stress on my wrist.

This week we're going out of town to see a play and enjoy dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. I expect life will continue to evolve in new ways as we get used to our new status of two retired people. 



  1. I am sorry you are having hand pain. I was having some also and had xrays done. It turns out there was very little arthritis in my hands and most of the pain comes from referred neck issues. I have body work done once a week or so and am now fine. Also, I can not knit on small needles anymore!Good luck!

  2. Ah, that's bad,having a knitting handicap! Mayhaps a switchting in technics, like Portugese knitting, Continental en English knitting could be helpfull a little, like Carson Demers, a physiotherapist recommended. Here is a link to the Fruity Knitting podcast with an interview:
    Get well soon!