Friday, February 16, 2018

Dior at the ROM

If you are a local reader I highly recommend you make a trip to the ROM for the Dior show.

It was fantastic!  The show was set up so a garment maker geek like me could get a really good look at the construction techniques for the garments which were made from 1947 - 57.

There were tablets included with the displays which showed detailed photos of the insides of the garments displaying the construction techniques used.

I was able to see the details of:

silk organza under-linings,

padded hips, supported with canvas,

bodices edged with silk from the waist down for tidy tucking in to skirts,

skirts with hook and eye attachments to exchange bodices from daytime to nighttime styling,

sleeves supported by canvas ,

shirt overlays which also functioned as capes,

corsets to support gowns,

feather sequins,

a one seam skirt which I'm still trying to figure out,

beautiful embroideries (did I mention I took a class in Tambour embroidery and I learned how to use a Luneville hook) 

Photo from

I did notice in the videos of fashion shows that often the models couldn't walk normally in many of the garments because the bottoms were so narrow. 

Here's a photo of Shopia Loren in one of the dresses.

While none of this relates directly to knitting I did find it got me thinking about garment construction in the way I did back when I was sewing. 

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  1. It is a great show! Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the clothes and accessories! The details!