Friday, December 29, 2017

The Year in Review - 2018

2017 didn't feel very productive as I was living it but as I look back I realize it was in many ways much more productive than I can easily reflect on. I used my blog as a source of information and have to remind myself that I don't blog about everything I knit. I suffer from what author Brene Brown calls "productivity as self worth" so I'm always questioning myself.

There were new patterns:

I also managed lots of stashbusting:

No pattern available, read about how to DIY here:
No pattern available I didn't even take any notes  
The photo above has more details on my project page. 

No pattern available

There was also a lot of swatching, frogging, and re-knitting. I have several projects on the go right now. Some will become patterns but most are stash busters. 

There's also one new pattern still at tech editing. Here's a teaser.

So...was your 2017 productive?

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