Monday, August 28, 2017

August Reboot Series - How to Make Yarn Stitch Markers

This month I'm going to be doing some re-posting of older blog posts. Some will have updates included as when I reread I often realize I've learned something new since the original post went up.  I hope to have all new interviews every Friday but many Pros take the month of August off and in past years I haven't always been able to get enough interviews back to fill all the August dates. 

I've been making yarn stitch markers lately because I've gotten so frustrated with the tiny ring markers popping off of the smaller size needles. I'm starting a lace shawl and I needed two different colors to mark the borders and center bits from the basic stitch repeat.
Here how I make them. I used a heavier weight yarn in these samples for the photography, however I normally use fingering weight leftovers.  I also recommend using a wool yarn as opposed to any slippery yarn that the knots can work themselves out of.

Fold the yarn to create a loop

Make a loose knot by crossing the yarn strands from the ball over the folded loop.

Pull the folded end through the loop to make a knot

Place it on a needle and snug the knot up to the needle

The completed knot

Repeat until you have more stitch markers than required.

Trim the excess yarn, leaving a short tail so that the knot will hold.

I always make extra's to put in my project bag. I also make more than one colour to mark off different sections of the work. Use a needle one size up from the project needle to create markers which are a little loose on your needle. If you do use a yarn that knots slip out of you can put a drop of fray check or clear nail polish to secure the knot. Just be sure to let it dry thoroughly before putting the markers on your needles.

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