Monday, May 15, 2017

Is It Scarfable?

Last week at a knitting event I was showing a knitter one of my designs for Signature Yarns which has been done in two different yarns. I went on to show her how the shape was scarf-able. Yes that was the word I used. I don't think I made it up? I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere but of course I have no idea where. She did have a questioning look on her face but it disappeared as I demonstrated what I meant. 

From this:

 Or this:

To this:

Simply put, it works best with rectangle shaped wraps. Fold the fabric on itself and wear it as a scarf, drop it from the long straight edge around your shoulders and wear it as a wrap or as a poncho with a shawl pin.
Later it popped into my head is scarf-able really a word? 

      According to Merriam Webster when used as a verb:

Definition of scarf

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  scoff 1 scarfed down my sandwich
  3. 2 :  snap transitive transitive 2 scarfed up the best seats
    According to the Urban Dictionary:
    you can say it anyway you want.
    it can have any meaning.
    you just simply take out a random word in a sentence and fill it in with scarf.
    it can mean something good, bad, cool, funny.
    it has multiple meanings.
    -dude your being really mean today.
    -scarf off!

    -Hey that chick is definitely scarfable!

    -scarf! i forgot my keys!

    -you need to get that dam money or i'll scarf you up 

Wow! I really do learn new things from knitting everyday.

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