Monday, April 10, 2017

Still not Knitting...

This is how I feel

My wrist sprain is still stopping me from spending much time knitting. Right now 20 minutes seems to be about the maximum. I'm finding it rather frustrating. I'm diligently doing my stretching and exercises, but the real exercise is the exercise of my patience. 

I thought I'd spend some extra time blogging and write some posts for later publication. Guess what? When I'm not knitting, I'm not thinking so much about knitting and for the first time in the seven years I've been blogging I seem to be struggling for topics. Normally the ideas just seem to appear from nowhere so this is a surprise to me. 

I have been reading quite a bit. I've gone back and read a couple of Nevil Shute novels. My Grandmother was very fond of his books and I've read all of the collection in my local library in the past. I've just reread A Town Like Alice and Trustee from the Toolroom.

I've also made some jewellery. I think I'm able to do that since the movements are much less repetitive 

I think my next move will be to spend some time on other knitting blogs and perhaps watch a couple of Craftsy classes for inspiration. 

What do you do if you can't knit?

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  1. I injured my thumbs and wrists back in 2002, couldn't knit for months so I understand your frustration. I learned a new skill--making soap and body care products. Helped when I needed something else to do that, like you said, isn't as repetitive with the hands. Maybe explore more about meditation---just a thought. Hang in there.