Monday, August 22, 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

My husband was home for the past two weeks on vacation. He works crazy hours normally, so the plan was for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. We had a few things planned, some jobs around the house and a birthday outing for him. Things did not go as planned.

I had the local telephone company coming in to upgrade our Internet service on the Tuesday morning. In preparation he was moving some wiring and computer equipment around. Naturally the next step ended up being an unplanned trip to Home Depot.

We'd been having an issue with the sound on our TV but not when we were using iTunes downloads or live streaming with CraveTV. So now he's trying to resolve that problem. We think maybe its the cable company box. Next step, unplanned trip to the cable outlet to replace the box, but that doesn't work. Much frustration happens while he tests the various components but he's a persistent guy and we eventually confirm one speaker is dead. Next step, unplanned trip to an electronics store to buy new speakers. The wires supplied aren't long enough. Next step, he goes back out to get more wiring. 

Thursday goes better, we were having a birthday lunch. I booked a table outdoors but we had to stay inside because we were having extreme weather here in Toronto with a humidex reading at 40 Celcius. 

We sat here:

Instead of here:

We had a fabulous meal and after several celebratory glasses of champagne didn't do anything else that day except read and watch movies. 

Our air-co at home is maxed out for the first time ever in the twenty odd years we've lived here and it's still warm inside. I'm so happy we have air-co and I'm probably a little drunk so I'm content with the improvement over outdoors

Friday morning we discover our enter-phone isn't working. The super comes in and confirms it's not our phone which is the problem so they put in a work order to get it fixed. 

We empty the dishwasher and all of the glasses are cruddy, they were fine on the load before? So next we deal with that, Soaking and scrubbing the filter. Then heavy duty wash with vinegar. Thank goodness that works. 

Next our oven fails, it heats up but doesn't seem able to go over 350 Fahrenheit. We try a quick test on some frozen french fries and it fails. We pull the stove out, unplug it and then plug it back in. Of course now that its out, we wash the floor and walls all around it. We retest and it seems to be working again.

As of Wed on the second week our enter-phone still isn't working. The repair guy is apologetic and will be coming back with his "expert" technician and additional parts to fix it ASAP.

It finally gets fixed.

Oh and the original two household tasks we planned to do didn't happen.

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  1. Welcome to life on vacation. It never goes the way you want it to.