Monday, June 13, 2016

Barbe's Gift - New Pattern

My newest pattern is named for a member of my monthly knitting group. Barbe recently passed away after a long illness. She asked our group to come visit and go through her yarn, notions and books. When we asked what she wanted us to do, she said she wanted us all to pick yarns for ourselves and knit some things to remember her by. I knit these two samples from her yarn. 

We asked if donating some things would be in alignment with her wishes and it was, so many of the books, needles and yarn have been donated to various groups here in Ontario. Barbe worked for many years as a volunteer at a program for the homeless called Out of the Cold. I was able to send many of her things to a YMCA program for homeless women. I also gave all of the pink yarn to my guild for Knit for the Cure. 

Today, I'm sharing the wonderful photos taken by my friend Flora. This is the first time I've used mixed mannequin and modeled shots for one of my designs. I'd love to hear what you think about this. I've had many requests for modeled photos but I'm not convinced that I can do this effectively myself. Unfortunately a professional model is too expensive for me at this point in time. You can read more of my thoughts on this topic of model versus mannequin here. Be sure to read the comments for opposing views. You can go to the the Ravelry pattern page to see all of the photos and detail shots of the stitch.

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  1. I think your modelled photos are wonderful and really make your design come to life. Nicely done!