Monday, May 23, 2016

And your point would be.....

I've always had lots of clothes, some would say too many. One of the reasons for this is, I view my clothing budget as part of my entertainment budget. After sharing my frustration previously with my De Quervain's Tenosynovitis perhaps I should add it to my health care budget too!

I've used various organization methods for my clothing and I purposely change them up every few years to see new combinations. I've organized by season, by item, by colour, by location in my home, by outfits and I've combined the previous methods in different ways. 

My shawls were mixed in with my hand knits with everything sorted by colour. I recently pulled the shawls and scarves out and stacked them in no particular order in one place. The plan now is to rotate the stacks so they all get equal love. I take one off of the top of the stack and when it goes back, it goes to the bottom. 

And no the photos do not show all of the shawls and scarves I've knit. I have been knitting for a long time you know. What? you're surprised by the number, and your point would be.......

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