Monday, August 10, 2015

Inspiration - Where Does it Come From? Part 3

I often find my inspiration coming from fabric garments.

I don't have an image for this one but the original was in an accessories shop sewn with three separate pieces of fabric gathered to one another. 

My knit version looks like this:

Only two tiers, but it has lots of increases to replace the gathers. The stitches almost double after the yoke and then more slowly in the body.

The first circle jacket I ever saw was like this:

It was sewn from patchwork denim. I eventually made two for myself, One was a circle sewn from a heavy knit fabric. The second was a square made from polar fleece. This silhouette has been interpreted in knit, crochet and fabric since then by many makers.

Later I knit this:

It's the lace weight version of this:

I saw this on Pinterest:

I knit this version and made a matching tank:
I expected to see other knit versions when I made it and I have. 

If you want to be inspired, try looking at retail, online at Pinterest or just go look in your own closet.

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