Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Free Pattern Promotion for Robin Hunter Designs

I have a problem, my pattern sales are good and seem to be steadily if rather slowly increasing but only a few of those sales are showing up as projects in Ravelry. Update May 25 2016 my pattern sales continue to increase but I still get very few project pages. I'd like to get a little more action there and to do that I'm running a special promotion. From now until August 31 20156, if you post a project page with a photo of any of my patterns shown with a completed project , I'll give you a promo code for a free pattern. You can choose any of my patterns that are available on Ravelry. Just email me (my contact info is at the top of this page) give me the project page link or the details, your Ravelry name etc. I'll send the promo code to your email. Happy Knitting!


  1. Robyn - this is interesting. In my case, I sell many, many printed patterns in yarn shops. Few show up on Ravelry. I think there is a difference between the yarn shop knitter and the Ravelry knitter. Or even people who find patterns on line but have no interest in sharing their work on Ravelry. Might make an interesting post.

    1. I agree! This is definitely the situation here in Norway, where knitting never went in full decline (bet it's the climate). Most knitters are offline when it comes to pattern buying. Interesting point: Facebook is VERY widespread in Norway, practically everyone have an account, and therefore, knitting pages on facebook (the largest has almost 81000 members and the pop. of Norway is 5 million, that's 1.62%), show what people are actually knitting. And they are mostly knitting paper patterns from books or from yarn companies. They also knit very traditional stuff. Patriotic, I guess. Many state in the group that their English skills are too poor to knit English pattern, and that I get.
      If I am to hazard a guess as to why so few post their project, I would guess lack of time/lack of experience/age as possible factors determining knitterly behaviour. Perhaps some are not even members on Ravelry?