Monday, December 15, 2014

Is Blogging Dead?

The big question about social media for professional knitters is, am I using the right platform?  I'm frequently told that blogging is dead. However there are other opinions on this topic. Here's one I just came across:

"Blogging is here to stay, for businesses and individuals alike. The benefits of getting involved are huge. It’s been reported that blogs can give websites a staggering 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more indexed links, while 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing."  Katrina Pfannkuch


Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. My readership continues to increase the longer I blog. I'm also a dedicated blog reader myself.


  1. I ask myself that same question. Not dead but perhaps on life support.

  2. I much prefer blogs to any other type of social media. A blog allows the individual/business to present more in-depth information. Most of the rest of the social media platforms just offer chatter with the ability to link to more meaningful information - found in the blog post. I'm wondering if the problem is that there doesn't seem to be a great reader out there. I use Netvibes (the free version) which provides a concise presentation of new blog entries.
    Can one even monetize other social media like you can a blog? Blogs (my husband's included) can result in books deals and you can associate advertising revenue with them.

  3. I agree-- every time I hear that trope, I think "No-- it's not dead, just pruned." Blogging was just the first form of "social media" to appear, and it was the only format available to connect with others online for quite a while. But it's not really suited to all forms of online communication. It's really best suited to essay-length or in-depth type (as Tabi up there notes) communication. In fact, one hacker/blogger wrote an essay (a number of years ago now) called "The Age of the Essay", refering to the explosion of essays available to read via blogs. I guess I think of it as evolution: online social media has undergone a huge Adaptive Radiation, changing, adapting, evolving to fill various niches. Twitter is better suited to what was called "live blogging", Facebook is much better for keeping up with friends and family... you get the idea :-)
    And-- yeah, being an essay lover myself, I still read (well-written) blogs. Including this one-- thank you Robin!!

  4. I still enjoy blogging and reading blogs. Definitely more in-depth information than via other social media. I do miss the extended commenting that just doesn't happen on blogs any more, but some of that interaction is happening on Facebook where the blog posts are linked.

    Keep at it; I'm still reading!

    1. I don't see myself switching to other forms of social media. I like the in depth nature of a blog. I read a recent definition that said blogs have morphed into magazines. I try to think of mine that way. I love seeing how often the instructional posts from the past continue to be read and I see constant traffic to my topic index page.