Monday, August 11, 2014

Will you be Knitting a Cardigan for the Fall? New Pattern

I love X and O cables. There is something in their shapes that is just so appealing to my sensibility. Two of my friends are already knitting this pattern. I hope that they will be as pleased with it as I am.

The Sheila Reilly cardigan has a classic, timeless silhouette with two different cable stitch patterns. The sleeve is a set in style. The ribbed edges are integrated with the cable patterns. Everything is worked bottom up. The pattern includes full set up rows written by size to aid the knitter to establish cable stitch patterns. It makes the pattern appear long but you'll be skipping over sections that apply to sizes other than your own.

The name Sheila Reilly is taken from Agatha Christie's novel Murder in Mesopotamia. Sheila is described as outspoken, determined and a woman who enjoys lots of attention from men.

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry and it will be up on Patternfish soon.

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  1. Wow, that is one gorgeous cardigan! Sadly my hands hurt when I knit cables, but at least I can admire the beautiful pictures!