Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You are Smaller than You Think!
One of the best part of being one of the organizers of our own retreat is that we get to take each other`s classes. Typically teachers are themselves life long learners and we don't always have time at teaching events to take classes. 

Last year at YarnOver SleepOver I took Elizabeth Fallone's class:

Knit to Fit  

Has this happened to you? You find a pattern you love, yarn’s that perfect, make a swatch to gauge like a good knitter, spend hours knitting, block to perfection, then – it doesn’t fit.

With Knit to Fit, you’ll learn how to customize your favourite sweater pattern or ensure a new one fits your body the just the way you want it to. We will dissect both bottoms up and top down sweaters.

Bring tape measure, coloured pencils, calculator, and your favourite sweater or top.
Wear a T-shirt or fitted top so you can be easily measured.

Elizabeth had us pair up and have everyone's partner draw our outline around our body on large pieces of paper hug against the wall. The idea was to be able to judge our proportions more accurately.

The big surprise for me! While I do have a clear understanding about my own proportions, I am smaller than I thought.

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