Monday, June 30, 2014

How Facebook Decides What You See

I’ve been noticing my Facebook feed keeps showing me the same postings everyday and I often don’t see things that friends mention to me. A week ago I went searching for background on how the news-feed works. I found this interesting article. I changed my feed to most recent from top stories. Then I reviewed the feed. I’m not interested in the posts about games and it turns out you can click on those and unfollow only the game related posts of your friends. I scanned the last 24 hours and saw lots of posts that I was interested in that I definitely did not see. Over the past 4 days I continued to check my feed and everyday they changed it back to top stories from most recent. Humm... Next I went to the pages for friends who appear to be absent from my feed and did a like on one of their posts and now I'm starting to see what they post in my feed.

I'm realizing that we can have an active influence on what turns up on the feed in a way that I'm sure most of us don't know about. 

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