Monday, May 26, 2014

Formal Qualifications in Hand Knitting

I love the quote below about formal education.

"Being formally qualified is overrated. Passion and results can be the best credentials there are. When we try to hide out lack of qualifications we actually weaken the potential strength of our brand. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs. All billionaires. All college dropouts. Jimi Hendrix couldn't read music. Rachael Ray never went to cooking school. John Fluevog went from working in a shoe store to creating his own shoe empire."

Danielle Laporte The Fire Starter Sessions

The vest above continues to be my best selling pattern. This is from the April 2014 Patternfish newsletter:   

"It’s no surprise to the editor that there are two vests in the top 10 patterns of 2013. I rarely see a vest I don’t want to knit, and these two are among my favourites, Cabin Fever’s Side Pattern Vest by Deb Gemmell, and The Prudence Crowley Vest by Robin Hunter. Gemmell has a wonderful habit of encouraging knitters to apply their own ideas to patterns and become their own designers. The Side Pattern Vest is a wonderful example. Hunter’s flattering and surprisingly easy to knit pattern has been a favourite with Patternfish folk for years."

Deb and I have no formal certification, however we both have unlimited passion and curiosity when it come to our knitting. 

If you are looking for more information on hand knit design certification see my previous post here:

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