Monday, April 28, 2014

Should you Take a Private Knitting Class?

Every once in a while I get booked to teach a private class. I've done a couple by Skype but more often they have been with people who live close to me. We meet up either at my home or at a coffee shop. They have all been interesting learning experiences for me and hopefully for the students as well. 

Why would someone book a private class? A few have been with knitters who were planning to publish patterns and were looking for recommendations for learning tools and resources or they wanted to learn specific things about pattern drafting and grading. One booked me because she took an earlier class but was overwhelmed by the volume of information. She came with very detailed questions that she sent to me in advance. I was able to pull together samples, examples and practice problems for her to work through. I get the opportunity to work through my technical process with someone else which is a form of learning for me as well.

I've also done a class for a knitter who was intimidated because she took a technique workshop which was filled with very advanced knitters. She had basic questions which didn't get asked due to her embarrassment. Remember knitters, there are no stupid questions, however not everyone is at the same mile marker in their journey as you are. I had a good time working with her because she got every technique I showed her instantaneously. All she really needed was some one on one demonstration and encouragement.

I recently did another private class on garment choice and pattern adjustments. I'll write about the lessons we learned together soon.

Part 2 is here.

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